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The Tee Box is "Maine's Premier Indoor Golf Facility" and utilizes four PGA Tour aboutGolf simulators (same sims used on the Golf Channel)...two widescreens; one panoramic screen; and one right-hand only screen. Every year we purchase aboutGolf's platinum package which means we offer the best selection of courses and features money can buy!


To begin the registration process, please click on the SELECT SIMULATOR drop box to the left!  Select your preference or no preference and available times will appear.



Guide for Selecting Time: Please keep in mind that a typical 18-hole round of golf takes 1-hour to complete.  A foursome should take 4-hours to play 18-holes.  


It is important that your reserve the "right time for the right number of players." Failure to do so means you potentially could fail to finish your round. Also, you pay for the time you reserve!  



Base Rates

Monday thru Friday (1-hour; 18-holes/player) $25-$35*

Friday thru Sunday (1-hour; 18-holes/player) $30-$45*


*We require payment at time of booking.  It also simplifies the entire check-in and check-out process.


Cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment will not be refunded unless filled by someone else. 



Lessons:  Lessons are available and can be scheduled by emailing Brian at bbickford@pga.com.