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Screen: Tuesday| Wednesday| Saturday South Minneapolis ONLY (Wilder Complex)

Screen: Thursday North Minneapolis ONLY (Davis Center)

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Early Childhood Screening is a process that supports children being ready for kindergarten. The program helps find children with possible health or developmental concerns that may impact learning. The process includes a check of vision and hearing, child development and a review of the child's health. The program helps families access services for their children that will help them to be ready for kindergarten.  

Minneapolis Public Schools recommends that children be screened at age 3.  

Three reasons to screen at age 3*:

  1. Screening can assist your child to be ready for school.
  2. Any health or developmental concerns can be found earlier and help provided sooner.

  3. Because screening is free, it's easy and it's good for your child!


When your child turns 3 years old:

  1. Schedule an appointment. (The screening process will take from 1 ½ hours – 2 hours)
  2. Complete the health forms that will be sent to you.
  3. Bring your child to screening appointment, where trained staff will check your child's:
    • Vision and hearing
    • Growth and development
    • Immunizations and family history
  4. Bring your child's birth certificate and immunization records to screening.
  5. Screening is preferred at age 3, but can be done at 4 or 5 years old.


Early childhood screening helps:

  1. You find out how your child is doing.
  2. Connect you with early childhood programs and services.
  3. Answer your parenting questions.


*State law requires all children to be screened before entering kindergarten.


Two Locations:

Wilder Complex (Main Office)

Screen: Tuesday| Wednesday| One Saturday a month

3345 Chicago Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55407


John B. Davis Education and Service Center 

Screen: Thursday

1250 W. Broadway Ave

Minneapolis, MN 55411


Contact Information:

Ph: 612.668.3715

fax: 612.668.3712

Email: earlychildhoodscreening@mpls.k12.mn.us