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If you select a date and appointment times do not appear, that indicates the day is already booked or we are not in your area that day.

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Hello -  welcome to our online scheduling system. Please follow the instruction so we ensure you get on our calendar at the date and time you choose.


(For an EVENT, skip  to the "EVENTS" section to the left of this page).


First, select a Service:


(The service you select can make a difference in cost and information you receive, for a complete description of services, click the "services" tab, top right)

  1. Focus on Energy Assessment
  2. Focus on Energy Assessment - Duplex
  3. Focus on Energy Inspection
  4. Focus on Energy Inspection - Duplex
  5. Focus on Energy Post-Work Inspection*
  6. Focus on Energy Post-Work Inspection -Duplex
  7. Combustion Safety Testing
  8. Thermal imaging services (not for energy assessments)
  9. Wellness Overview


Review the "Add-on Services" for extended travel, multiple combustion appliances, etc. and check all that apply to create sufficient time in the appointment. We will review and add extended travel time as needed if you forget, however you will not see the amount in the initial notice you recieved and  if there is not enough time left in the schedule for the appointment it may need be rescheduled. Travel distances are calculated with google maps from 317 West Street - 53092.


Next, the calendar dates available for this service in your area will appear. Use the "next available appointment" button or select a date, and then the available times on that date, for your location will appear. If times do not appear for a particular date, that indicates the time slots are already filled or we are not in your area that date.


The amount of time scheduled will automatically be set by the type of service you selected, it is important you select all the services needed so there is enough time placed in the schedule. Find a time that work for you and click "book it", if you are unable to find a time that works, see “can't find a time" below.. After that, you will need to fill out some pertinent information and click " finalize the appointment".  



Finally, be sure to select the correct refferal source (an insulation contractor by name, Focus on Energy, other, etc.)  from the drop down list.


That's it! You will get a confirmation email of the appointment request with all the details about the assessment, and it will be automatically placed on my calendar.


You will receive another email when I confirm the appointment on my calendar and then one more reminder email the day prior to your appointment. 


PLEASE NOTE : If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately, then something went wrong and the appointment was NOT made.


You can book up to 90 days out and you can reschedule or cancel if something comes up. Please see the cancellation policy in your confirmation email.


If you can't find a time or date that will work, you need a specific day or time, you have a special need, or would like to be contacted if there is a cancellation and your appointment could be scheduled earlier, then put your name on the waiting list by selecting "join the waiting list" at the top of the page. Fill out the information and put your specific needs (days and/or times of day) in the note section (i.e. "Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons"). We will do what we can to accommodate your need.


If you create a log in and password, you will have the ability to return and edit your appointment or make a follow up appointment without re-entering all your information.



If you need assistance, please call our office at (262) 290-2003 and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for using Home Perfect's online scheduling.