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Welcome to The United Way Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
 tax preparation scheduling system. 

While tax season is over, we do have one site that is still open to assist you with filing your tax returns (2016-2020) or amending an already filed return. Please note the IRS shuts down e-filing historically about mid-November so they can begin updating their software for the upcoming tax season, once e-file is shut off, it is best to hold off on having any returns completed until the IRS opens back up at the end of January.

If you have questions or concerns, you can always contact Mary Meador, VITA Manager, at 

The United Way VITA program provides FREE tax return preparation for taxpayers with household incomes of less than $66,000.  IRS VITA return preparation sites are operated by certified Volunteers who are passionate about taxes and are trained to do basic returns.

Due to this, we cannot prepare returns with:

  • rental income
  • Small business Schedule C with business losses, expenses over $35,000, depreciation, or employees
  • Complicated Schedule D (capital gains and losses)
  • Schedule K-1s (can only do investment income only)
  • Farm income 

Please see a paid preparer if your return falls within any of those categories 

Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a list of documents you will need to bring to your appointment.  If you input your cell phone number when you make your appointment, you can receive text appt. reminders as well.

What should you bring to your tax appointment?

  • 2019 Federal Tax Return ***Strongly recommend you bring this so we can compare 2020 with 2019's return--especially since there has been so many changes to the tax law this year.
  • Valid Photo ID for Taxpayer and Spouse
  • Social Security Cards or ITINs for you, your spouse and dependents or a Social Security Number verification letter (Must be originals, photocopies not accepted)
  • Birth dates for you, your spouse, and dependents
  • If you are married and filing jointly, your spouse must be present with you.
  • IPP PIN -Identity Protection Pin number or letter if you have one--new ones are sent every year--make sure to bring your new number.
  • Wage and earning statement Forms: W-2, W-2G, 1099-G, 1099-R, 1099-Misc, and 1099-K from all employers.
  • Interest, Dividend, Brokerage statements (check with your bank for interest totals as many DO NOT send a 1099-INT BUT all interest IS TAXABLE and MUST be entered on a tax return).
  • ALL Other Tax Forms: 1099-G, 1098-T, Social Security SSA-1099 or any other forms received form the IRS that indicate it is for tax purposes.
  • Form 1095-A Health insurance marketplace information --required IF you have Marketplace insurance
  • Amount of the Stimulus payment you receive
  • 1099-G Unemployment Compensation (If applicable)
  • For Direct Deposit or Debit: Bring Proof of bank account routing and account numbers such as a blank check. Consider bringing information in for 2 accounts and let's put some of your refund into your savings account for those unexpected emergencies that arise!
  • Total paid to daycare provider, provider’s name, address, Social Security Number or business Employer Identification Number
  • If self-employed:  Itemized list of all business income and expenses--If you drive for your business, don’t forget to bring in total business miles, total commuting miles, and total miles driven for the year.--Have the totals ready and written down.