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Welcome to the NYC TLC online appointment system

Before requesting an appointment, please review the below information to help you select the correct transaction type.


To make your appointment, please use the drop down menus on the left:

  1)    Select Location (you may only select the Staten Island location if you are a FHV vehicle owner affiliating with a base located on Staten Island).
  2)    Under “select transaction type,” select the reason for your appointment (see below for a full description of each appointment type).
  3)    Select an available date and time.
  4)    Enter information.
  5)    Select “finalize appointment.”
An appointment confirmation will be e-mailed to the e-mail address provided. 


Street Hail Livery Permit Appointments (SHL)

Street Hail Livery (SHL)

Questions about SHLs? Visit the TLC website for more information: Street Hail Livery Permits (SHL)

The requirements to file an SHL application or to update/Transfer an SHL permit can be found at:

SHL Permit Application: A SHL Permit Application is used to purchase a New Street Hail Livery Permit (Wheelchair Accessible).  

SHL Permit Update and Affiliation: A SHL Permit Update and Affiliation appointment is used to update ownership, change Base and/or Vehicle that is attached to the permit.   


Vehicle Appointments

For Hire VehicleSHL Vehicle

The requirements to file an application for an FHV license can be found at:

Beginning August 14, 2018, only owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles can apply for a new  FHV vehicle license, but this change will not impact current FHV vehicle owners. To learn more read Industry Notice #18-12 (PDF).

Vehicle New Applications: Click here to visit the LARS website to apply online for a new For Hire vehicle license (Black Car, Livery, Limousine, Paratransit, or Commuter Van)


Vehicle Transfer: A Vehicle Transfer appointment is used to change a Vehicle on an existing FHV license. A replacement vehicle. You must include the name of the vehicle license, the vehicle license number, and the vehicle identification number for all the transfer appointment requests. If this is not included, the TLC will cancel your appointment.  

Plate Transfer: A Plate Transfer appointment is used when the TL plates need to be replaced due to storage removal, lost, stolen, damaged plates; or if vanity plates need to be replaced by TC plates. 

Base Transfer: A Base Transfer appointment is used to move the Vehicle from one Base to another Base. You must include the name of the vehicle license, the vehicle license number, and the vehicle identification number for all the transfer appointment requests. If this is not included, the TLC will cancel your appointment.    


Medallion Appointments


Questions about Medallions? Visit the TLC website for more information: here.

At this time, Medallion appointments are required only to pick up Medallion ownership verification letters that have been previously requested by the Medallion Owner/Managing Agent and completed by TLC.


Medallion Ownership Verification Letters: To request a Medallion ownership verification letter, you must submit the request online by completing the form located here. Once the request is submitted through the TLC online form, it will be reviewed.  If ownership is verified, TLC will send an email notifying the requestor that an appointment can be scheduled to pick up the TLC ownership verification letter.   

When arriving for pickup, please provide all supporting documents listed below:
 - Your email confirmation either printed or on your phone
 - Government Issued photo I.D. (Driver’s license is preferred)
 - Power of Attorney. (If you are not the owner, agent or corporate officer you must have a signed Power of Attorney from the owner to pick up).

Medallion Vehicle Certification/Transfer: In order to get your vehicle set up to provide service as a TLC licensed medallion taxicab, a medallion certification must be processed. Medallion vehicle certification is the process by which your current vehicle is replaced by a new, re-hacked or used vehicle.  


Driver Appointments


 TLC Driver License











TLC Driver License Photo Update: To update the photo on your current license you need to schedule an appointment. Use this appointment request ONLY if your appearance has changed and you want your license replaced.  The cost of a replacement license is $25, paid by credit card or money order. You must also bring a copy of the completed Update Credential form.


If you received a directive or summons instructing you to update your photo, you will not need an appointment and you will not be charged. You must bring the directive or summons with you to the Long Island City office location.



Base and Business Appointments   













Questions about Base or Business licenses? Visit the TLC website for more information: Base/Business

Base / Business Appointments are needed for the following licenses. For more information on licensing requirements, click on the name of the license type below: 

Base/Business New Application:  A New Application appointment is used to file an application for a new license for a base or business. Before you make your appointment, you must submit a Name Inquiry Form (page 8) to the Business Unit by e-mail . For other requirements, click the license type from the list above and view the instructions under “Apply for a License”.  

Base/Business Change of Information:  A Change of Information Appointment is used to update your contact information, premise location, DBA name, or to request a base account password. For specific requirements, select the license type from the list above. 

Base/Business Change of Ownership:  A Change of Ownership appointment is used to make any of three types of ownership changes; Stock Change, Principal Change, or Title Change.For other requirements, click the license type from the list above. 

Base SHL Endorsement:A Base SHL Endorsement appointment is used to become authorized to dispatch Street Hail Vehicles or to cancel a current endorsement. Select the Business New Application option to request an appointment. Applications can be found by clicking Apply for a SHL Base Endorsement

Base / Business Renewal:  An appointment for Base/Business Renewal is not necessary to renew your current license. Renewal payments for Bases and other business need to be submitted online through LARS. The requirements can be found by clicking the license type from the list above.





Please visit our website for more information at: