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We are located in the Dean's Suite (room 200), Manning School of Business, Pulichino Tong Building Center, 2nd floor. Please turn left at the top of the stairs. See our website for directions or Click Here!


Undergraduate Students 

Please see SiS for faculty advisor in designated concentration along with contact information. 

Professional advising appointments are primarily for freshmen and sophomore business administration students or students looking to change their major to business administration. 

Office: 978.934.2850

Email for general undergraduate questions: ManningSchoolOfBusiness@uml.edu

Summer advising hours 9:00 to 3:00, please make an appointment. 


Anita Chieh offers appointments and walk-ins as available. 

Carol Towle offers appointments and walk-ins as available.


Graduate Students

Graduate students should schedule an appointment with their program coordinator for advising.  Appointments with the MBA coordinators can be scheduled online and will be held in the Dean's suite (Pulichino Tong Building, Room 200) or over the phone.  Appointments for the MSA, MSBA, MSF, and MSE can be scheduled by contacting the program coordinator directly.  


Graduate Programs Office: 978-934-2848


MBA Coordinators: Lauren Hildreth and Ryan Masson

MSA Coordinator: Stefanie Tate (Stefanie_Tate@uml.edu

MSBA Coordinator: Thomas Sloan (Thomas_Sloan@uml.edu)

MSF Coordinator: Chan Wung Kim (ChanWung_Kim@uml.edu)

MSE Coordinator: Michael Ciuchta (Michael_Ciuchta@uml.edu)