Biomat USA Provo

Per local requirements, for the time being all donors and staff are required to wear a face covering at all times while in the plasma center.

New Donors: Call (801) 375-2279 today to schedule your first appointment!

Required Documentation to Start Donation Process

  • Matching valid Photo ID and Social Security Card (names must match)
  • Proof of Address (ex. Rental Agreement, Mail postmarked within last 30 days, State issued ID, etc.)

 In Preparation for Donation

  • Drink plenty of water, fruit juice, milk or another caffeine-free liquid
  • Eat a healthy meal within 2 hours of your donation
  • Avoid any type of alcoholic drink for 24 hours before you donate

 Keep in mind when scheduling:

  •  You cannot donate more then twice in a 7 day period and you cannot donate on two consecutive days.

For other questions call us at (801) 375-2279 

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