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Academic Strategies Workshop - 1111 Conference Room, 901 Walnut Street Date(s)
Adjusting the Study Cycle: Strategies for Active and Efficient Learning - A foundation workshop on study strategies and time management.



Appointments with the Student Writing Center are now listed based on the length of appointment. Please make sure to select the appropriate service from the “Select Service” drop-down menu:


  • Student Writing Center (30 Minutes)


  • Student Writing Center (60 Minutes)


Our office uses the following guidelines for appointment length:



(For more information about appointment guidelines and our FAQ, please visit our website!)


We have also added functionality for the Student Writing Center that allows you to specify whether you would like an in-person conference or an online review. When booking your appointment, simply select your choice from the “Rooms” drop-down box.*


*We strongly recommend that you book an in-person conference. Only book an online or remote appointment if you can not come to campus to meet and discuss your writing in person. 


If you select “Online/Remote,” please be sure to specify in the Special Instructions box on the appointment booking page whether you would prefer e-mailed comments, a phone conference, or a video conference.


If you select “No Preference,” it will be the SWC’s assumption that you have chosen an in-person conference and will be expected at our offices on the 11th floor of the Edison building at your designated time.


Thank you! 




Welcome to Thomas Jefferson University's Academic Support Services online registration system. To book an appointment, please select the appropriate service* from the drop-down menu on the left and then your preferred appointment date on the calendar.  


NOTE: If you wish to schedule an appointment to discuss Academic Support (study strategies and/or time management), you are required to attend the Academic Strategies Workshop before your first individual meeting.  Please RSVP using the links on the left under Workshop Registration.


If you are unable to find an appointment time that will work with your schedule, please contact Jim Dyksen, Assistant Director of Academic Support Services at james.dyksen@jefferson.edu.