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PLEASE NOTE: All Student Writing Center appointments are now scheduled in 30-minute increments. If you feel your assignment will require more time to review, please book 2 back-to-back slots (if available)

or contact Briana Schwartz at briana.schwartz@jefferson.edu. Thank you!

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Tutor Training Workshop - 1111 Conference Room, 901 Walnut Street Date(s)
This interactive workshop is intended to prepare tutors for either one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring. The workshop builds upon a review of materials completed in advance of the workshop, and the focus here is on practical application of strategies for effective planning and delivery of tutoring services.

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Location Thomas Jefferson University
Workshop Tutor Training Workshop - 1111 Conference Room, 901 Walnut Street
Date Friday, May 4, 2018
Start Time 12:00pm

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