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NW 16/18 CROWNWeb Data Support - Appointment Scheduler

Welcome to our online appointment system for ESRD Networks 16 and 18.  We offer two types of appointments (all appointments in Pacific Time)   

  • General CROWNWeb Support
  • CMS-2744 Support

General CROWNWeb Appointment

You can book a 15 or 30 minute appointment to speak directly with Network data staff regarding CROWNWeb. At the time of the appointment, we will contact you at the phone number you provide.

Please be logged in to CROWNWeb prior to your appointment.

CMS-2744 Appointment 

In February (NW16) and March (NW18), we offer 30 minute appointments for our facilities to assist them with completing their CMS 2744. Please make sure you have taken the following steps before your appointment. 

  1. Review the guides available on our website:  
    NW16 2744 Resources   NW18 2744 Resources 
  2. Generate your 2744

  3. Review 2744 clean-up reports and  update/correct all data in CROWNWeb

  4. Resolve/address all actionable Errors/Warnings on the 2744
  5. Vocational Rehabilitation, School and Employment Status for patients aged 18-54 for 2018 has been verified with your facility Social Worker and updated in CROWNWeb.
  6. Any patients with Medicare Part A or B have been updated in CROWNWeb to Currently Enrolled; All other statuses reviewed and corrected
  7. Patients Home Modalities (Home Hemodialysis, CAPD and CCPD) as of 12/31/2018 have been verified with PD department
  8. All cleanup emails from the Network and your corporation have been completed

Log in to CROWNWeb prior to your appointment.


If you prefer to ask your question through email, we can be reached at (AK, ID, MT, OR, WA) or (Southern California)

Do not email PHI/PII (Patient names/initials, SSN, birthdate, etc.).


Other Resources:

NW16 Resources
NW18 Resources Other CROWNWeb support including new user training)

QualityNet Help Desk  1-866-288-8912: CROWNWeb technical difficulties or password assistance 

For questions or assistance with your corporate system or with batch submission, contact your corporate representative.