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Welcome to Schendel's online scheduling program! Thank you for choosing Schendel for your irrigation system needs.

Please note: We are currently scheduling the Irrigation Winterization Service from mid-October through November. Earlier or later dates may be available by calling our office at 785-286-0015 (Topeka) or 785-330-5326 (Lawrence).


  How to Schedule Your Service:

·       Using the drop down box to the left, please select your location.

·       Select your desired service.

·       Choose your preferred date of service from the calendar. Available days will be in white with a blue date. If none of the available dates work with your schedule, please call our office at 785-286-0015 (Topeka) or 785-330-5326 (Lawrence) and we will schedule a time that meets your needs.

·       Once you select your date of service, you will be given a list of available times. Click the "Book it" button of your chosen time, then complete the requested information.  

 **Please Note: Service times are not scheduled for an exact arrival time, but in two-hour time blocks, beginning an hour before your selected time and ending an hour after. For example, if you choose 9:30 am for your appointment time, our technician may arrive any time between 8:30 am and 10:30 am. For the first appointment of the morning, the technician will not arrive before the scheduled time, but could arrive up to an hour after.

·       Click the "Finalize Appointment" button. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from Schendel Lawn and Landscape after you finalize the appointment, as well as a reminder e-mail the day before your service.  


Reminder: Please plan to have someone at home during the appointment, as we will need to access the irrigation system control panel (usually located in the garage). If you will not be home but know we have your garage code on file, please indicate that in the special instructions. You don't need to give us your code in the instructions.