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Welcome to Charlotte Douglas International Airport Online Credentialing Services Reservation System. To schedule an appointment for credentialing services, please use the drop down menu to the left of this text.


Please be advised that our menu options have changed to allow for streamlined service selection. Service options now include "Credentialing With Training" and "Credentialing Without Training".


Please select Credentialing With Training if the following applies to you:

  • You're in need of SIDA/AOA Driver's Training.
  • Sterile Area badge with Basement Access.


Please select Credentialing Without Training if one the following applies to you:

  • You've passed the SIDA/AOA Driver's Training at the CLT Center (City of Charlotte Employees).
  • You've passed the SIDA/AOA Driver's Training at the American Airlines Training Center, at the Piedmont Training Center or at the TSA Training Lab.
  • You're applying for/renewing a "Sterile Area" badge.  
  • You're applying for/adding a Customs Seal to your badge.
  • You're in need of Fingerprinting Services (1st step in the badging process).
  • You're in need of a credentialing endorsement (Authorized Signer, Escort Authority, Command Post, Etc.).
  • You're in need of a change of badge type (if no training is required). 
  • You're in need of adding parking access privileges.


If you have any questions regarding the new training options or general questions, please contact credentialing at 704-359-4010 or e-mail us at