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Location Address 1345 N Jefferson St, Suite 214
Milwaukee,WI 53202

This address is for deliveries only. Talk-based services are by phone or internet conference call and in-person services (autism play therapy and Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement lessons) will be conducted at a mutually agreed-upon location.
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We are happy to be your new world-wide support network and partners in your personal comfort, understanding, growth, and shift toward greater energy, positive outlook, and better performance and outcomes in your life.  Our services are designed to be “edutainment” – educational and informative yet entertaining – fully of “Aha!” moments of self-discovery, improvements you never knew you were possible. We offer talk-based, movement-based, and play-based coaching and teaching sessions designed to help you (or someone you care about) be more successful and effective at what you (or they) do in your life.  We teach you how to accept yourself and listen better to yourself about what you want to do, and do what you do better and better.




We offer convenient phone- and internet-conference-based services anywhere in the world, as well as in-person services in and around the Milwaukee WI area as well as select areas of the US where we have visiting services. 




Our coaching, mentoring, and educational services, whether talk, movement, or play based, are collectively known as "Mind-Movement(TM)" because all of them lead to positive brain change (neuroplasticity), whether the services “work on” the mind discerning its own operations better or the mind focusing on discerning the body’s movements better.  

Positive neuroplasticity helps everyone do some (or many) things better, whether they’re the most primitive beginner at something (such as when you try something new, or in the case of children), or the world’s champion at something, and everyone in the middle, positive brain change is like a tide raises all boats.  


Just like healthy food, clean air, and good sleep, exercise, and relationships help everyone feel and do better, you can never have too much clarity – you can keep improving your life by getting clearer on more things, even vetting future plans.  The usefulness of clarity is universal and never ending.  Once clarity helps you move past earlier limitations, you start reaching for the next goals and need clarity on these, since there will always be a next step to improve life yet more. 




We’re excited support you and your life becoming the best version of you can imagine, and helping you imagine the next improvement after that to go for!  



It’s our mission to help you (or someone you care about) get clearer, more confident and more capable in pursuing what you (or they) would most love to do and resonate with, as well as to be there to help them achieve it, then go to the next goal. We’re great at helping you face challenges and procrastination, break through mental blocks, reflect on any issue or incident, whether past, present or future, business or personal.  We’re experts at lending a supportive, accepting, nonjudgmental and upbeat hand when no one else is!  




Book our services for fun or to learn more about yourself and what you (or someone you care about) could be capable of beyond your current beliefs about your abilities or apparent limitations.  You really have to try them to see how they work!  Everything else that looks similar is really not as effective because most other talk, movement, and play doesn’t engage the brain as powerfully or leverage the Power of Clarity® - with mental clarity and physical clarity comes the power of neuroplasticity.  See the graphic below and sign up for services at the left.  




• Want to talk with someone new?  (Come on, we know you do!)  Actually could be us, could also be to your true self…


Try our talk-Based coaching, mentoring, tutoring, group facilitation and presentations.  Book through Power of Clarity® LLC at left.  Buy and try, today!


·       for individuals, couples (relationships), or groups, 


·       by phone or in-person, 


·      Clarity Conversations (Explorations) where you tune into hear your preferences more strongly, that’s nondirective and nonjudgmental, and


·      Clarity Consultations (Q&A) where you can learn more about the process.  


·      Clarity helps everyone at every level with everything that’s challenging.  We could all move faster and with more confidence and fewer regrets or failures if we could be clearer on what we want, how we’re operating, what’s limiting us, how we might be able to change this limitation, and persevere to got improvements done!   




• Want to move and feel better than you ever felt after Yoga, massage, tai chi, meditation, or physical therapy?  Want to get back to how you moved when you were younger and/or before an old injury, where physical therapy didn’t get you all the way there?  Want to improve your physical and cognitive performance, such as become a better athlete, dancer, musician, performer of any kinds or simply a parent whose back doesn’t hurt and doesn’t injure themselves when they’re spontaneously active with their kids?  Want to be smarter, having your brain spontaneously break challenges into sub-challenges and do-able steps quicker and to a greater extent than ever before?


Try our “Movement Lessons” (Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement®), also offered through Power of Clarity® LLC at left. Buy a session today!


·       Phone / conference call-based movement lessons– talk- based one-on-one or group sessions: leading you (or someone you care for) through movements your brain has never encountered before, getting your brain’s attention, “waking it up”, making learning (differentiation) or improving from aging and degenerative diseases (redifferentiation), and thus recovery and improvement, possible.  Includes mental coaching consistent with the movement approach, such as questioning “holding patterns” of thought, and coaching how to slow down and create variations consistent with promoting mental neuroplasticity and learning in any field or endeavor that’s challenging. 


·       In-person movement lessons -  Touch based one-on-one sessions or group sessions. One-on-one sessions feels incredibly relaxing and pleasant and even “work” if you’re asleep, because part of your brain – the unconscious part – never sleeps!   


·      Movement lessons help everyone!  It’s like “a rising tide raises all ships”.  Someone who gets physically “clearer” where their bodies and weights are in space, is less likely to get injured, as well as perform better physically and cognitively, whether they’re the most brilliant high performer or the most challenged developmentally or by age or difficult experiences, we all do better with physical clarity which translates to mental clarity. 


·      Movement Lessons help both mental and physical performance, since the same brain manages both movement and cognition, and perceiving, selecting from and or/ executing more complex movements as well as mapping of the self vs environment are some of the most brain intensive and development-stimulating processes. The attempts to sense the body and moving the body in a more sophisticated and articulated stimulates new brain connections and the growth of new neurons in the brain, effectively increasing the circuitry and "mental pixelation" in the brain.  This circuitry is available both the move and think. 


·      These services are offered through Power of Clarity® LLC, too.  Buy and try, today!



• Want help with play therapy and support with your efforts with your special needs - particularly autistic - children and persons in your life?


Try our phone-based support of your efforts to recover your child or help you other challenged person through Autism Power Coaches LLC. 


·       try phone-based services to get coaching how to best proceed with constructively engaging the autistic person in your life.  


·     try in-person play therapy session through our Autism Commandos® process of dropping in helping re-energize and support your efforts, while helping you become more effective in your efforts. Available in select cities and by special arrangement.


So dive in and schedule a session now!  Just book our time and your funds can be put toward the correct type of service at a later date if there are any problems.  


Call us if you have questions, at 800-800-0321 or contact barb@mind-movement.com.  


We’re looking forward to meeting with you on the inside!




Still haven’t bought a session?  We offer shorter ones – 30 min – that can be an inexpensive way to start and test our services, although we recommend doing several sessions at first until you get the hang of how to notice the changes and best use the sessions. 




Life is an endless cycle of perceiving your environment, sensing/ calculating/ guestimating what's best for you to do next, then responding to the environment, and so on, repeating always.  Lack of clarity gums up the works of this cycle, leaving you spending time stalled wondering what to do rather than doing, because you cannot act against yourself, and aren’t sure yet how to act that helps you most and hurts you least, at least as far as you can guestimate.


We help you sense, find and separate your real priorities from the clutter of mutually contradictory beliefs others have planted in you or you chose at a different time and situation that are making it harder for you to act, change, and succeed now.   It is easier to perform and succeed without you “getting in your own way”.  If you can sense your wants, put them in priority one over the other, and generally "clean house" of outdated, self-limiting and time- and effort- wasting beliefs and patterns of behavior, you’ll be surprised at the energy you have to grab the dash board of your life and really “take off”.


Our methods are designed to heighten your ability to sense your preferences better that felt unclear, or fully which then helps you able to figure your way out of the maze you’re in.  See and create options, opportunities, relief, and ease in the way you dealt with these issues before now!  




 Still reading?  Have questions?  Contact us at 800-800-0321 or email barb@mind-movement.com.  Better yet, just try a session!  See options at left.  

Aren’t sure which?  Do you or someone you care about:

·       Want to talk to someone about something and feel better, see new refreshing approaches and angles on it? Try Power of Clarity phone-based coaching. Try Power of Clarity phone-based services, at left.



·       Want to feel and move better physically, or turn the clock back for those who are older, previously injured, or turn the clock forward and foster personal and mental growth and athletic and other performance prowess? Try Power of Clarity® movement lessons, at left. 


·       Have autism in the household and want to connect with, engage, and help an autistic person recover and develop?  Try Autism Power Coaches services, at left.




If you’re reading this, thank you for reading everything we wanted to say!  We love your enthusiasm for not missing anything! Have you signed up for a session yet? If you read to here, it’s definitely a sign that trying our services is something you want, and may even what you need to progress, but especially if you haven’t already acted and booked a session or called for help.  It means a part of you must think there’s value or you wouldn’t have read all of this, but part of you is holding you back and conflicting with that “seeking” part. 

Go with the impulse to book this session!  As your first lesson in what we teach, “Go with the system” – that is, your system.  


We learn best when we allow ourselves to try related variations, such as: 

·   if you have talked with friends, other coaches, teachers or counselors (perhaps even just read books on this), this could be a useful variation (to talk with us with this different method).  

·   If you’ve got physical constraints and like the idea of trying an Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement® lesson, that experience will help you decide if you love what we do or think we’re full of baloney at lot quicker and with more confidence in your conclusion than just considering and reading about it.  

·   if you have tried other autism therapies and support, we’d give you alternatives to try.  


You needs variations to learn and progress and you're probably leaning toward trying our services because you're a little stuck on a challenge or are just curious.  Perhaps you now this could be very useful for you, so try it! 


Call if you need help booking your session or have any other questions!  800-800-0321 or email support@mind-movement.com.


Otherwise please book at the left and we’ll see you on the inside! 


Barbara Rose Fernandez, 

for Power of Clarity LLC & Autism Power Coaches LLC