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Welcome to the Ramstein Air Base Appointment Scheduling Program!


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Please Read Below To Get Started. Thank You.

 To get started, please first select the location you are interested in from the "Location" drop down menu to the left. “Base Events” are selected via the annotated drop down menu. “Base Services” can be accessed by selecting a “Base Agency.”

*NOTE: If you are trying to access a Ramstein "Base Service" (i.e. PT Test, Informed Decision, Vehicle Registration, etc.) please select RAMSTEIN from the “Location" menu, skip the "Base Event" menu, and select the "Base Agency" that is facilitating the Base Service you are looking for.

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Ramstein Air Base "How-To" Video Series 

If you have recently PCS'd to Ramstein please see the links below for a helpful series of "How-To" videos that will help you get settled in as the newest member of "Team Ramstein"!

 (Click on the links below to watch the videos)

Driving in the Local Area 


Registering Your Vehicle   


Register for USAFE Library Account


Information on Housing (on/off base) 


Childcare in the KMC 


School Enrollment in the KMC   


Pet Shipping/Registration in the KMC


Post Office Use in the KMC 


And Much Much More!