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Do you have questions about your benefits? Would you like to speak to a benefits specialist regarding your insurance, retirement or leave benefits?

The Benefits Scheduler lets you make an appointment with a UF benefits specialist to discuss any questions or issues that you might have with your benefits package, at your convenience.

Simply select the area you need assistance with (insurance, leave, retirement), then choose from available appointment times. New users must create an account with Appointment Plus in order to finalize their appointments.

Please note that our specialists are neither certified insurance agents nor financial planners, and therefore cannot recommend a selection for a specific benefit or retirement plan versus another nor provide investment advice.    

If you need immediate assistance, please email benefits@ufl.edu or call (352) 392-2477.


Step1: Select Service
Use the drop down menu on the left to select the appointment type. We recommend you review plan information prior to your appointment. This will help identify specific areas of interest and/or questions you may wish to discuss in your meeting.    
Step 2: Select a Benefits Specialist
Select the benefits specialist based on the first letter of your last name.
Step 3: Choose Date and Time
Pick a date and time. Due to the current public health emergency, all meetings will be held by phone or video conference.
Note: Enrollments may require additional steps via online systems.  To ensure timely enrollment in insurance and/or retirement plans, be sure to schedule your appointment well in advance of your enrollment deadline(s).     
Step 4: New or Returning User
New users must complete required fields with a red asterisk to access the schedule.  Returning users must log back into the system using their login ID and password previously established.
Step 5: Meeting purpose/reason and Text Reminder Preference
Include a brief reason for the meeting request. This helps us prepare information ahead of time if needed. Appointments are scheduled for face to face visits unless you indicate in the purpose section that you would prefer to conduct your meeting by phone. If you would like an appointment reminder sent to your phone, activate the optional text message feature.