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Welcome to our online appointment system, where you can schedule time for your FREE TAP tax service.

To schedule a tax appointment, you must have (1) a valid email address, and (2) a current phone number (cell phone number preferred).

PLEASE schedule only ONE appointment for the tax service/tax year you seek.  Multiple appointments scheduled for the SAME tax service/tax year are not allowed and will be subject to cancellation.

This year (2021) due to the coronavirus pandemic, all our TAP sites will observe the medical and safety guidelines associated with COVID-19.  We ask that each client become familiar with these guidelines as they will be enforced at each site before our free tax service can be offered.
(1) all clients will be screened for abnormal temperature readings at entrance;
(2) all clients (and volunteers) are required to wear a mask covering mouth and nose at all times;
(3) social distancing (6 ft or greater) will be observed at all times;
(4) any client recently exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19 will not be serviced until quarantine period has been completed; and
(5) ample hand sanitizers will be available and strongly encouraged to be used at entrance and exit.

Our goal is to do our best to keep our clients and volunteers healthy during this tax season.  Please help us to achieve this goal. 

Please note:  To cancel an appointment, return to your "Confirmation Email" and select the "cancel or reschedule" link provided.