Each Zone will have TEN business days from the date of the mailing to schedule an informal hearing.

All appointment scheduling will close at 4:30 PM on the 10th business day


On your Notice of Tentative Assessment Change, you will find your Parcel Number and your Zone information.

Your username is your Parcel Number; your password is your Zone.

Using the log in below, all users (returning or new) should log in as follows:

For Example:

Parcel Number: 12345678900

Password: zone1 (lower case/no spaces)

*Please note that no special characters are needed for the Parcel number. Zone information must be entered using lower case.*


If you have more than one property to discuss, you must call 1-888-773-7056. We will assist you in scheduling your appointments.


If you have missed the ten day cut off, you will not be able to schedule an informal review with Tyler Technologies. You will be able to request a formal appeal with the County's Tax Assessment Appeal Board after you receive your final value in July.



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