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This service is currently only available within a limited area of

Halifax Regional Municipality.  View Map for More Information


For the safety of our technicians and in accordance with the new legal restrictions we cannot offer you at home service if you have:

  1. Travelled outside of the province in the past 2 weeks or have been in contact with anyone that meets that definition
  2. Have any flu-like symptoms including fever or cough.

Please review all of the requirements below and be especially sure the tires are easily accessible to our technician. If you develop any symptoms between when you book and when your appointment is, please cancel. 

Because of the ever-changing nature of this pandemic, our plans for at-home tire changes are subject to change. We will let you know if any changes to this service do take place.

Program Requirements

IMPORTANT: Before you get started, there are certain conditions that need to be met in order for our technicians to safely and effectively change your tires:

  1. This service is only available within a limited area of Halifax Regional Municipality (View Map for Information)

  2. All vehicles being serviced must have tires mounted on rims

  3. Tires must be easily accessible beside the vehicle or just inside the garage

  4. Locking lug nut key(s) must be on-hand (if applicable)

  5. You must own the property that the service will be performed on, or have permission from the landlord or condo corporation

  6. There must be at least 5 ft of space on all sides fo the vehicle and the area must be clear of snow, ice and debris

By booking an appointment, you agree to the terms and conditions above and understand that service may be denied if any of these conditions are not met.