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Welcome to Biscuits & Bath’s online reservation system, where you can schedule time for your next appointment. After signing-up, you will receive a second email once your appointment has been confirmed.

Please provide your pet(s) name and your pet(s) breed when registering. 

Once you create your user account, your login settings will save making it easy to sign-up for future services.

RE-OPENING OUR UPPER EAST SIDE, GREENWICH VILLAGE, & FINANCIAL DISTRICT LOCATIONS 6/1/2020. Email David Maher dmaher@biscuitsandbath.com to set up your June package.

To book our interactive Q&A sessions with one of our experts, please visit our website https://www.biscuitsandbath.com/online-classroom/

Should you have any questions about booking, please contact:

Grooming - Erin Lovett - elovett@biscuitsandbath.com   

B&B Classroom - classroom@biscuitsandbath.com

Training - Iliana Lebron-Cruz - ilebron@biscuitsandbath.com

Veterinary Care - Brian Annett - nyvp@biscuitsandbath.com