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Welcome to St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center Online Patient Items Pick up and Drop Off Appointment System



To make an appointment please select the floor, room number and date you would like to drop or pick up in the Reservation Locator.
All reservations for drop off or pick up of patient items made after 4:00pm

Patient Items Pick Up and Drop off will be between the hours of 1:00pm - 4:00pm the next day.


Note: If you do not see the room you would like to visit, please call (609) 896-9500 for more information.

Attention; Due to the rise in Covid 19 cases in the community and Mercer County, St. Lawrence will be closed to visitations starting Monday November 23rd until further notice. In an end of life situation, you will be permitted into the building. You will need to be COVID tested, if the test result is positive then entry will NOT be granted.