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Welcome to Lights of the Delta Festival's Booking Page.  We are located in Blytheville, Arkansas, US.  Here you can book your hayride. 

For more information about hayrides, please visit our websiteLink to Hayride Information.  
REGISTRATION IS BEST USING A COMPUTER.  DO NOT REGISTER USING YOUR PHONE.  If you use your phone to register, we will NOT be responsible for over booking.  If you do not receive a conformation of your scheduled hayride within a few minutes of booking from (our booking agent site), your hayride has not been booked.  PayPal conformation email is only for payment.  It does not confirm a booked appointment.
Highlights are listed below.  By proceeding, you are stating that you have reviewed this information and agree to our requirements.  

1.  Trailer Capacity:  Maximum of 20 per trailer. 
2.  We encourage social distancing and STRONGLY encourage you to be considerate of others when making decisions about your visit.
3.  You should receive a confirmation email upon successful completion of the registration process.  If you do not, please contact us at

Add-ons:  Allow you to prepay for hot chocolate and popcorn if you wish.  This is strictly optional.  The hayride will stop at Jingle Bell Park where you can purchase these and/or other items at our souvenir stand, even if you didn't prepay.