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Pfizer first dose appointments available at HealthPoint offices.
Anyone aged 12 and up are elegible for the Pfizer vaccine. 

Janssen (Johnson&Johnson) and Moderna vaccine scheduling not currently available through this link. 

If a day is grayed out that means there are no appointments available. 

Only one appointment per account can be scheduled. If you try to schedule more than one the system will only record one. Each person must create their own account. 

Upon arrival you must present an ID and health insurance card. 

To select an appointment date and time, choose a location to the left and then click on the calendar to select a date and time.  Appointments cannot be scheduled by phone. 

Please keep your login to this account if you need to check your appointment time. Appointment dates and times cannnot be confirmed by phone due to limited staffing. 

If you have questions about contraindications or if you should receive the COVID-19 vaccine then please consult with your healthcare provider before scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

You are not eligible for a Johnson & Johnson, Moderna or Pfizer vaccine appointment though this system if
You are younger than age 18 (Johnson & Johnson or Moderna) or younger than 12 (Pfizer)
You have had any vaccinations in the past 14 days
You have already received the 1st dose of the Moderna or Pfizer or have received a Johnson & Johnson vaccine
You have an active COVID-19 infection
You have received convalescent plasma or monoclonal antibody therapy in the last 90 days