Barksdale AFB Military & Family Readiness Center


801 Kenney Ave, Suite 1400

Barksdale AFB, LA 71110-2426

Phone: (318) 456-8400                  DSN 781-8400

FAX: (318) 456-8031                      DSN 456-0894


Right Start will be scheduled during Welcome Center appointment.

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Location Address Bldg. 4400
801 Kenney Ave
Barksdale AFB,LA 71110

Welcome Center is on the 2nd floor suite 2200. At the top of the stairs turn right and go down the hall all the way to the end. Please be sure to bring several copies of your orders and any air fare receipts you may have for the Finance office. Please also bring for the TMO office a copy of your DD Form 2278, DD Form 135-2, PPM Expense Checklist, and weight tickets if you did a DITY move. If you are a GS Employee or Contractor you do not need to make a Welcome Center Appointment. If you are a GS Employee you will need to email the Relocation CCE, Olivia Hutto at to schedule your Right Start Briefing. Capstone Appointments are at the M&FRC suite 1400. Sign in at the computer in the lobby and wait to be seen. Survivor Benefits Plan (SBP): For making a SBP appointment, please do not schedule an appointment unless you have received an email from the casualty office notifying you that you are available to schedule. They cannot process you through without first having your RIP. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you.
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When scheduling an appointment, be sure to hit FINALIZE APPOINTMENT or you will not have an appointment scheduled when you arrive at and will need to reschedule.