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Welcome to the FWPS appointment system for Online Registration assistance.


Please know that you can complete the online registration process for new and returning scholars at


If you would like in-person or individual virtual assistance, please book an appointment at your child’s school or the FWPS Educational Service Center. If you have multiple children at different schools, please pick one school and complete the registration process for all children during the same appointment. Due to COVID-19, appointments are required for in-person support.



1.      First, on the left, select a school. Pick the school that your scholar will be attending.  If you have more than one school in your family, you can choose any of them.  If those times don’t work, or If you don’t know which school your scholar will be attending, you can select the main office – Education Service Center.

2.      Next, select an appointment type.  In person appointments (where you go into the school office) or virtual appointments (staff call you and/or connect via Zoom to assist)  are available. 

3.      Select any Registration Specialist from the list.

4.       You should now see a calendar.  Select an available date, which will show time slots available on that date.

5.      To Finish, select a time and provide the contact information requested. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.