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Please read the following: 

Covid Protocols are in place. PLEASE WEAR A MASK.  The door will be locked when you arrive for your appointment.  Please call the number on your Reminder or Confirmation from outside or from your car when you arrive.  I will come down to greet you.  Your temperature will be taken and our hands will be washed prior to the appointment.  Thank you! 

For more Covid Protocol Information you can visit the following link.



6510 SE Foster Rd.

Ste C

Portland, OR 97206


A code is needed to enter the building at certain times of the day.  It will be sent to you in the confirmation and reminder e-mail



Please try to choose a slot that butts up against another. This allows for more concise booking.

The system WILL NOT show you a white space unless the service time fits.

Please make sure to FINALIZE your appointment.

You will receive a confirmation via e-mail. If you don't receive one your appointment has not been put into the booking system.
If you are having a difficult time scheduling an appointment or need to see Maggie immediately please;


Maggie at mtbcpdx@gmail.com  or call   971.285.3539 ( does not recieve texts) 


and we can help you with your appointment.

Thank you for honoring our 48 hour cancellation policy.