A Life's Journey, Inc. offers sessions via video & telephone.  Simple Practice is a secured and HIPAA compliant platform where video therapy is offered. The VideoTherapy platform is accessible via the internet using desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone devices. This technology provides for face-to-face clinical care remotely, allowing both clients and clinicians to practice social distancing and uninterrupted therapy throughout this pandemic event.

All Paperwork, including but not limited to Client Check in Form, 2022 Insurance Update Forms and New Client Paperwork) will be sent to you electronically through Simple Practice, where you can submit it online.  Please check your email from Simple Practice with your unique password, so you will have access to the forms.

Please note that the payment/billing information is not functional at this time through this Simple Practice Portal.  Payments will be processed by the credit card on file.  Payment is expected before the start of the scheduled session.

*** Going forward, Schedulers will only schedule initial appointments.  They are unable to manage additional tasks such as: asking questions to when appointments are, leaving messages, or asking questions of any sort, etc.).  Any thing that you need, will be handled directly with Julie Shortridge, MA, LPC.  Thank you!

Hours for Spring:  Monday 12 noon - 8 pm, Tuesday 10 am - 6 pm, Wednesday 12 noon - 8 pm, Thursday 10 am - 6 pm, Friday 11 am - 7 pm

If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly at alifesjourney_julie@outlook.com or via text at 404-274-5209.  Please expect a 48-72 hour for me to return your email or text.  If you do not hear from me, please send another text after 72 hours in case it did not come through.
New Clients:  I am accepting new clients from the hours of 10 am through 5 pm
Please refrain from scheduling on the same day you are logging on, for there is intake paperwork to be completed prior to the session and I will not have enough time to send it out to you.  Thank you!

Temporarily, I am unable to accept Amerigroup insurance until further notice, except for those in foster care.

Welcome to your next step in your Journey!
Updated 4/9/2024

Current Clients: If you do not see times/days that work well for you, please look ahead on the schedule and schedule what does work well for you.  Then please go back and add yourself to my wait list and specify what days and times you are looking for.  This list I review daily, and can make adjusstments to my schedule, in addition to offer the times to you if someone cancels.  I strongly suggest that you schedule out in advance for scheduling one week at a time, will make it very difficult to ensure openings at the times you would like.
*If you have the availability to schedule earlier in the day, would you please consider scheduling earlier in the day ...  There are a handful of clients that do not have flexibility to be seen until 6 pm and after.  Thank you so much for considering!


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