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A Healing Trail Wellness Center
500 Burlington Road
Harwinton, CT 06791




** We will only be seeing  FULLY  VACCINATED  clients until the Covid infection rate drops significantly in our area! **
See more info on this decision here.
Before your appointment, please carefully read our new:
Then, please print, sign and return our new:
For our clients in the Covid-19 high risk categories, we recommend you discuss Massage Therapy with your health care provider before scheduling your appointments.

If this is your first appointment at our office, or you have not been here recently, we'll also need your Health History.  If you have any condition that is a contraindication for Massage Therapy, we will have you ask your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to approve and prescribe Massage Therapy on this Rx form.

If this is your first time in Zero Gravity, please read the Zero Gravity FAQs , watch the safety instruction video and bring this form.

Welcome to our on-line appointment system. Currently, we REQUIRE 5 HOURS NOTICE for same day appointments. Just follow the prompts below on the left. Choose the service, the Therapist, a date and time. If you see an appointment that would work for you that is less than 5 hours from now, just call 860-485-0405 to confirm that time is still available.
Some Therapists are willing to stay late or arrive early for special requests. You can also send us requests by email to:  HealingTrail@gmail.com 

Let us know if you have any questions.

GIFT CERTIFICATES can be picked up at our Harwinton office by appointment or ordered by phone.

Franci & Everyone at A Healing Trail 

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