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Located off Ridgeway Avenue, just west of Long Pond Road.
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Welcome to Flower City Tax on-line scheduling!

We recognize it is more convenient for many internet users to schedule their appointments online- 24/7 - at your convenience. Please look at the available appointment times, services, and preparer biographies. We prefer that new clients register via phone at 585-663-8210. You may schedule your appointment at that time, or register then and schedule on-line at your convenience. We do this so that we can assess your time requirements and avoid spam registrations to this system. 


 If you're having problems, please use the Forgot Password link or phone the office at 585-663-8210. We urge you to schedule with the staff member that prepared your return last year, as he/she is familiar with your situation. If, for some reason, you wish to schedule with a different preparer, other than Penny, feel free to do so. If you require Penny, and she didn't prepare your return last year, we may call you to ask why your request differs from last year's situation. 

Please be sure your email address and phone number are correct for your profile, as your appointment confirmation and e-mail reminder will be sent to that address, and we may need to contact you by phone, in case of last minute communication. You can choose to receive a text reminder as well.

When scheduling please do not leave 15 minute gaps in the schedule, as that will make it impossible to book another appointment in that timeframe, and we may call to move your appointment.

If you have any questions or problems using the online system, please call us at 585-663-8210.

Thanks for your cooperation and Happy Scheduling!