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Wednesday, July 4

Flameworking 1 Boro (4 Wk Wed Eve) ( $350)
Learn the basics of manulipulating hot glass with a stationary gas/oxygen torch. Among other topics, we will explore shapes, hollows and surface decoration. Beads, marbles, pendants, sculptures and more may be explored. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

Teen After School Beginner Flame Working (12w Wed 4:15 to 6:15) $775
Are you interested in jewelry and design? This 12-week intensive is very exciting because the duration of the course will allow the students to develop a personal line of jewelry. After a discussion of studio set-up and safety, demonstrations, we will introduce students to the use of heat and gravity to shape molten glass at a stationary bench torch. Demonstrations will alternate with working time. In the second quarter students will be introduced to design concepts and jewelry fittings. In the third quarter students will be introduced to Boro glass, a higher temperature glass, which they can use to make hollow forms and small sculpture. After that students will be free to focus on the process, which is most appealing to them.

Teen After School Beginner Glass blowing (12w Wed 4:15 to 6:15) $1000
In this 12-week program, teens will focus on building their skills and understanding of hot glass. This is a great course for a teen that has taken Diablo's Teen Camp or the first time student. In the first quarter, Diablo's teachers will drill the basic skills of gathering, blowing, and tool handling. Second quarter we will concentrate our skills on making a set of matching drinking glass. In the final quarter students will be given the chance to move into the sculptural world, beginning with a variety of decorative bit techniques on larger vessels. A series of group projects will occur through out the 12 weeks. From there we will see where their imagination takes them.