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Tuesday, December 19

Glass Blowing 1 : Basics and Fundamentals-4wk Mon 1:00 p.m. ( $500)
This four week introductory course will take students through a series of fundamental skills, which are crucial to working in the hot shop. First, you will learn Diablo's core exercise: the paperweight. After the paperweight exercises teaches you how to gather,form and control glass, you will be introduced to the blown bubble. With these fundamentals skills you will learn how to make glasses and small vessels. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

Introduction to Hot Glass Sculpture (4 W) $500
This course is designed to give students an introduction to hot glass sculpture. Through thinking sculpturally we will explore the use of different punites, torches, proper use of garage, bit work, and basic color application, to create our visions in glass. There will be an emphasis on teamwork as well as collaborative thought. Through demonstrations, questions, and practice we will learn together. Students should have glass blowing experience.

Bead Making 1: Moretti (Tue /4 Weeks)-$275
This course will focus on lamp work bead making using a flame and soft glass to make one-of-a-kind glass beads and objects. As a class, we will explore beginning to intermediate techniques through demonstrations, practice sessions, and discussions. Troubleshooting common mistakes and difficulties will also be part of the course. One primary focus throughout this class will be the study of heat. No experience necessary. All materials included.

Kiln forming 2 : Getting into the kiln Private Lesson Only ($350)
This class is for the experienced fuser who is looking to get their hands into the kiln. There will be a series of exercises, which will require high temperatures and hands on manipulation. color bars, and pot melts will be covered, to create one of a kind glass pieces. These colorful elements will then be included in a series of fused and slumped pieces. The goal is to leave with two finished pieces that share a visual language through form and color. Materials included.

Glassblowing 2-Study Group