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Glass Blowing 101(2 Day) (9:00 a.m.) $325 Date(s)
This two day introduction to glass blowing will guide the first time student and students looking to brush-up on their skills, through the fundamentals of creating glass from the furnace, vocabulary, tools, and safety. You will start with Diablo�s core exercises: the paperweight. Then the class will be introduced to the blown bubble through a series of demos and hands on exercises. You will then apply the color and blowing techniques learned to create your own colorful drinking glass.
Sunday, January 13

Glass Pipe- Spoons (4hr $150)
In this beginners workshop students will learn how to heat borosilicate glass at a bench torch to create their very own functional glass spoon style pipe. Blowing glass at the torch, shaping and color application will be covered. No experience necessary