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Monday, June 4

Flameworking 2: Boro Glass (4Week) $350
This four week workshop will advance your knowledge of flameworking techniques and tools. Learn how to blow hollow beads, color and sculptural techniques. Prerequisite: Flameworking I

Glassblowing Intensive - Flame Shop
Our experienced instructors will guide students to learn the basics of manipulating hot glass with a stationary gas and oxygen torch. Students will explore solid and hollow shapes, and color and decoration techniques, while making objects like marbles, pendants, sculptures, ornaments, cups, small vases and more, using borosilicate glass (pyrex). Demonstrations and class discussions will alternate with plenty of hands-on work time available in an effort to make sure students get the most out of this course.

Kiln Forming 1 Fusing and Slumping 4-Wk Monday ($300)
This four-week class in an excellent overview to the world of kiln formed glass. Kiln forming is a process by which glass is assembled, put into a kiln, and heated in a controlled manner to achieve a wide range of effects. There will be discussions about kiln forming theory, color theory, design and pattern. You will learn how to cut straight lines, curves, and circles. The exercises will cover kiln carving, fusing, slumping and some painterly effects. You will have many study pieces and two finished pieces, which will bring the techniques you learned together. No experience necessary.

Stained Glass Study Group