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Saturday, May 13

Glass paperweights 1 (1 Day) $145
The glass paperweight is the first step for anyone interested in working with hot glass. This introductory class guides the first time glass artist through the most crucial skills. First you will gather glass from the furnace, learn to shape and control, and how to apply color to the glass. In a fun and informative manner our instructors will introduce you to tools, safety and basic glass theory. Every student will leave with a gorgeous paperweight and a strong foundation for future exploration. No experience necessary. All materials included.

Glassblowing Sampler (2 Hours) ($75)
Come on in and get a taste of the ancient art of glassblowing. This sampler class is the best way to enjoy the excitement of playing with the melted glass while making your very own souvenir. Experience gathering glass from the furnace, controlling and shaping it. Our experienced teachers will help you to make an object for you to exhibit as your trophy.

Bead Making 101: Moretti (1 Day) $100
In this introductory class, you will learn how to make beautiful glass beads on a mandrel. You will use soft glass, Moretti, to build these colorful glass pieces. After a discussion of studio set-up and safety, demonstrations will introduce students to the use of heat and gravity to shape molten glass. Demonstrations will alternate with working time. No experience necessary. Return students welcome.All materials included.

Bead Making 101: Moretti (2 Day)-$200
In this introductory class, you will learn how to make beautiful glass beads on a mandrel. Dot applications, marvering, stringers, annealing and bead cleaning will also be covered.

Flame Working: Marbles ($130)
Using either Moretti or Borosilicate glass, we will learn how to make several styles of marbles, such as complex twists, raked designs, and paperweight-style encased flowers. We will also learn techniques for encasing marbles in clear for a magnifying effect, and make glass stands for you to proudly display your creations.

Fused Glass Sampler
This course will introduce flat glass and kiln forming. This beginner class is the best way to enjoy the excitement of crafting cold glass while making your very own piece. You will experience cutting glass, arranging colors and shapes, and finish with fused pendants. The course is intended to briefly introduce flat glass work to the student for further consideration.

Images in Glass ($150 one day )($250 two days)
This course will introduce you to the process of applying photographic quality images to glass. You may choose to take a one or two day class. Day one (3 Hours): You will learn how to transfer an image to resist and then to flat glass. The glass can be sand blasted and paradise paints can be applied. Examples of imagery can include logos, text, hand drawn imagery, or even old family photographs. Day two (3 hours): The flat glass pieces from Day 1 can be Picked up and blown out into vessels in the hot shop. If the student has no experience in blowing the teacher or the assistant will do the process and make the vessel to the students needs.

Make your own Suncatcher or Decorative Mirror (1 Day) $100
Learn the basic techniques to catch light with Stained Glass instruction. You will be guided through fundamental cutting, grinding and soldering exercises. Choose between a suncatcher or decorative mirror frame.

Friendship Bracelets and Necklaces (2 Day) ($120)
This Girls ONLY Class is a fun adventure for any little lady to make friendship bracelets and necklaces. The two day workshop will cover basic Glass fusing on the first day using colored scrap and pre-cut pendant sized piece (no glass cutting will be introducedto students). Day two takes the fused pieces made on day one and developes into assembly of only the COOLEST friendship braceletes and necklaces using soft satin and cotton cords and simple knots. Let's see Miley Cyrus do that!