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Sunday, January 21

Glass Judaica Class: Menorahs, Seder and Challah Plates (Afternoon 1 Day $175)
Fused glass Menorahs, Seder and Challah plates make great presents and family heirlooms, which will be treasured for years to come. This introductory class will cover basic kiln forming theory, and color application. Using precut elements, you will assemble a piece of glass to be fused and then slumped into your chosen form of a Menorah, Seder or Challah plate. Your piece will be ready to be picked up one week after the class.

Fused Glass Clock ($125)
In this three hours workshop students will create a one of a kind fused glass piece that will be assembled into a clock. Using clear glass, color scraps, frits, and stringers students will explore the medium of fused glass. Each student will complete a few small pieces to get their creative juices flowing followed by one larger pieces to be made into a clock. After the piece has been fired, a few days after the class, Diablo staff will drill a hole in the center of the piece and install the clock parts. Students will return one week later to pick up their fully assembled fused glass clock (shipping options available)!

Scraptastic!! (2 hours) ($75)
This Workshop covers Basic Glass fusing using only scrap glass and copper wire (no glass cutting will be introduced). Students will be provided with a bin full of clear scrap to assemble fun shapes and designs and will then decorate with colored scrap and frit to create at least one of the following items: sun catchers, wish stones, pendants, or small wire and glass sculptures !

Family Experience ($25)
Enjoy a 1 hour glassblowing demonstration with all your family, followed by a 1 hour fused glass pendants workshop. Share this unique experience with your family. Price is per person

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