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Saturday, February 17

Glass Flowers $175
Give your sweetie a flower that will never wilt! During this workshop, you will learn basic glass blowing theory to produce brilliantly colorful glass flowers.No experience Necessary.

Glass Blowing 202 (2 Day) (9:00 a.m.) $325
This continuing workshop will expand on the skills learned in Glassblowing 101. Instructors will begin with a series of demonstrations to refresh your technical memory and then you will move into practicing your bubble skills. Then you will learn how to gather more glass and control it with a series of blocks. Then you will learn Swedish glass blowing techniques to create larger pieces with a variety of color applications. New color techniques such as color mixing, body raps, and raking will be introduced. You will apply these skills learned to create beautiful glass vases, while you gain a stronger understanding of how to control your glass to create artistically colorful glass pieces. Prerequisite: Glassblowing 1 or Glassblowing 101

Flame Working 202 : Borosilicate (two day $300)
This workshop will focus on blowing Borosilicate glass at the torch. After teacher demonstration and explanation, students will proceed individually with work time. The teacher will assist with one on one attention. Learn how to blow hollow forms, add color, and sculpt.

Bead making 202 : Moretti ($230)
This two-day continuing Moretti course will cover intermediate techniques including buttons, hollows, and small sculpture. You will develop working with punties and a variety of accessory glass applications. Through a series of class demonstrations, discussion and hands on practice you will further your skills at the torch

Stained Glass 202 (2 Day) ($345)
Building on the skills learned in Beginning Stained Glass, you will create a more complex piece. There will be discussions about leading and how to build 3-D objects. During this, you learn traditional stained glass painting, which you will use to make a truly unique work of stained glass.PREREQUISITE: Stained Glass 1 or 101