Joseph Pigg, D.C.


We are unable to accept New Patients at this time
The increased demand for our services has now reached a point where if we are to maintain our current quality of care our pateints have come to expect, we must temporarily put a hold on accepting new patients. Being booked so far in advance does not allow us to provide immediate care to existing patients with new injuries or conditions that need to be seen sooner or more frequently. 

We will continue to honor new patient appointments that have already been made or those being referred by outside doctors. Please call the office if you have any questions or if you need a referral to another chiropractor. 

Update on MASKS :

Santa Clara County Dept. of Health requires masks be worn in all health care settings 
for the business to remain open. 

Some of our favorite patients
- Have cancer and are on Chemotherapy
- Are pregnant
- Have health conditions that weaken their immune system
- Are elderly
- May not be vaccinated 

To protect all our patients who are in these categories,
but still need to come to the office to receive care, 
masks continue to be required (even for those who are vaccinated and even if you feel healthy)
to enter and exit the lobby when around other patients.This will remain in effect until 
State and County health guidelines lift the mask requirement for healthcare offices. 


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