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Coronavirus Update May 2020

Following government guidelines, we closed our doors to all face to face treatments on Friday 20th March due to the coronavirus epidemic.
We have had to cancel all routine appointments booked up to the 1st of June.

We have been advised that medical treatments can be restarted from the 1st of June. Dr Teri is awaiting clarification and further guidence from her governing bodies to understand which treatments she can perform on who and what policies and procedures should be in place while performing them.

The government has advised it will be 4th July at the earliest before we can start to offer cosmetic treatments. We are awaiting further guidance on this also.

Please contact Dr Johnson by  email or message her phone on 07858 118117 if you wish to be added to her waiting list or discuss whether your treatment is classed as medical or cosmetic. She can then contact you to discuss further.

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