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ONLINE BTW SCHEDULING:  is for Hartland, Oconomowoc, Pewaukee and Waukesha area students only. If you took class in Watertown or Lake Mills or if you are taking your Behind the wheel with another driving school, please contact them to schedule your BTW Lessons.
ONLINE CLASSROOM STUDENTS: you must first complete all 30 Hours of Online Session, then enroll in our Behind the Wheel program, then create a Registration here in order to schedule your first BTW lesson. To enroll in our Behind The Wheel Program go HERE NOTE: The Log In and Password you created for the Online Classroom does NOT work here. You must create a new account for this site.

FORGOT LOG IN OR PASSWORD: sometimes the password retrieval doesn't work (you need the original email or emails you used when you created your account). Create a new account and we can merge your two accounts. Your most recent password will be the current of the two.
APPOINTMENTS ARE LISTED 21-28 DAYS OUT ONLY: Openings change frequently. We have daily cancellations. Come back and check if you need a sooner appointment. Remember you can choose ANY pickup location. 

TO CANCEL A LESSON: Look to the bottom right of the page after you log in and you will see your "existing lessons". There is a link just to the right that says "cancel". Click there. 

ONE LESSON AT A TIME: Our system only allows you to schedule one lesson at a time. You must wait until you complete your lesson before you request another appointment. This policy drastically reduces NO SHOWS and makes many, many more lessons available.

LESSON FREQUENCY: Plan to do one lesson every 2 or 3 weeks until they are completed. IMMEDIATELY after you complete a lesson, schedule the next.

COURSE COMPLETION: Immediately after completing (not before) your 6th BTW Lesson you must complete this FORM (this is usually done with the instructor at the 6th lesson so please check with your student)

KC'S MAY CANCEL YOUR BTW: for a variety of reasons. Things like adverse driving conditions, instructor illness, vehicle malfunctions or other. Check your email, text or our web page for last minute updates about the status of BTW's.

NO SHOWS: If you don't show up for your lesson, we still MUST pay our instructor. As a result you will have a $40 due fee PRIOR to scheduling your next lesson. 

NO PERMIT OR LAST MINUTE CANCELLATIONS: If you do not have your valid Instruction Permit with you or if you cancel with short notice, we still MUST pay our instructor. As a result you will have a fee $20 due at your next lesson, unless we can get another student to take your spot.

CLASS MAKE UP: Remember that if you have classes to make up you must do so in order to receive your Completion Certificate. If you have questions about class absences or to complete your make up go to our Online Classroom.

LOST OR RENEW INSTRUCTION PERMIT: If you need to get a replacement or renewed instructions permit KC's MUST sign and date a new MV3001 before you go to the DMV! Email for more info.

PICK UP AND DROP OFF LOCATIONS:  Choose from any location listed. You do not have to attend school there. We may be up to 15 minutes late as we may be coming from a different location. Your lesson will end 2 hours later.

HIGH SCHOOL PICKUP: You do NOT have to attend the school to be picked up there. That is just where the instructor is. 2pm appointments are for students who can start at 2:00 OR 2:06! But not if you are out of school at  2:26, 2:45, 2:50 etc.


-KC's Hartland: Picked up and dropped off at KC's Hartland, 540 Hartbrook Dr Ste E, Hartland

-Arrowhead High School: Picked up at Arrowhead and dropped off at KC's Hartland

-Catholic Memorial High School: Picked up and dropped off at CMH main entrance

-Pewaukee High School: Picked up and dropped off at Pewaukee High School main entrance

-WCTC Pewaukee: Picked up and dropped off at WCTC Pewaukee northern most parking lot. Dropped off there 2 hours later.

-Oconomowoc High School: Outside the Arts building entrance by the two giant plant pots.

-Lake Country Lutheran High School: Picked up and dropped off at LCL (main entrance)

-Waukesha North High School: Picked up and dropped off at Waukesha North High School main entrance

-Waukesha South High School: Picked up and dropped off at Waukesha South High School small turn around on Roberta

-Waukesha West High School: Picked up and dropped off at Waukesha West High School by the auditorium entrance

IF YOU CAN NOT FIND AN OPENING: Select a different pick up location and or instructor. You can do a lesson from any pick up location listed. That location is just where the instructor is. Openings changed daily as students are canceling and scheduling frequently. Remember we ONLY list appointments about 21-28 days in advance.

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