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To cancel or change an appointment: Please contact the National Maritime Center at 1-888-427-5662 or IASKNMC@uscg.mil

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Address Oakland Federal Bldg No. Tower
1301 Clay St Rm 180N
Oakland, CA 94612-5200

Note: Returning mariners--REC Oakland uses your credential "Reference Number" for your user ID in the "Login" box & your last name (up to any hyphen) for the "Password" box. Please email us for a login & password if you are having trouble or want to change your password. This should allow you to check, change or cancel an appointment on-line. Email us as follows: d11-pf-regionalexamcenter@uscg.mil

[Nota Bene: Since 4/15/09, we accept mail-in applications with photocopies of required documents. Also, you can find your Reference Number on the “Approved to Test” letter from NMC after the file number (i.e., “16720/”). Otherwise, contact the REC to obtain your reference number unless it is your very first application and thus you would not have one.]

Nota Bene: Our office will be closed on Thursday, 4 July 2013 for the holiday and at noon on Friday, 21 June 2013. If this is inconvenient, please contact us.

To check for unexpected Federal Building closures, you can call 2 separate telephone numbers. They are:
* Call 510-637-1301 for a short message on building status.
* Call the IRS Emergency Hotline by dialing 866-743-5748, Option #3, and following the Prompts as follows: HQ option [#1], No. 22 for CA, Number 1 for Northern California. Then a short message will be played on IRS Facilities (i.e., they are the largest tenant in the Oakland Federal Building).

To get to REC Oakland from BART-
* Exit at the center of the Oakland 12th Street City Center Station at Broadway.
* Walk up through the City Center Plaza to Clay Street, one(1) city block North.
* The Federal Building is straight ahead across Clay Street.
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National Maritime Center (NMC)
Mariner Credentialing Program (MCP)

Welcome to our on-line appointment system

YOU MUST POSSESS OR SHOW PROOF OF APPLYING FOR A TWIC AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION if you work on a vessel with a Vessel Security Plan or have never previously held a TWIC

If you are requesting an exam appointment for First Class Pilot; Please contact the REC directly.

To get Started:

1) Choose the REC you would like to visit.,
2) Choose the service that you require.
3) Select a staff member or No preference.
4) Select an OPEN day from the calendar.
5) Select an available time slot.
6) Complete the required information.
7) Finalize your appointment.

* You must make an appointment for each exam module.

Need an Application Package? Visit our website: www.uscg.mil/nmc

To pay your fees please visit: www.pay.gov

All inquiries should be made to: 1-888-IASKNMC (1-888-427-5662)

or email: IASKNMC@uscg.mil

To check the status of your application visit: