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Welcome! Before enrolling students in SJYCSF Sailing Program classes you should first review the Sailing Program Overview available at the Southport Yacht Club website (

If enrolling a student for the first time the process has four steps: 1) Register or Set Up Accounts for each child/student. If registering more than one child, each child needs to be separately registered with his/her own login and password. 2) Make Reservations for spots in classes. 3) Send in Paperwork and Payment and/or scholarship application. 4) Receive an e-mail from us that registration/reservation process has been completed.

If a student was previously registered please login below and: 1) Update the account for any changes from when previously enrolled. Beginner class students don't forget to update t-shirt size. 2) Proceed with steps 2 through 4 mentioned above, which are the same as for new students.

If you have questions please contact William Jacobs at Note: Sorry, but the "I forgot my login information" link only works if you only have one student connected to your e-mail address. If you have more than one student connected to your e-mail address and you need your login information, contact William Jacobs.

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