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This is your official yearbook picture for the school yearbook. We need to photograph each student so their picture will appear in the senior section of the yearbook. If you are unable to make your time during the summer, we will be at your school after school starts for 1 day for a senior last chance date. You need to check with the school for that date.


1st select the "Location"(school) that you want to get photographed at. (Blue Valley students can get photographed at ANY of the Blue Valley schools. Blue Spring students can get photographed at either high school.) Any student can get photographed at the Rolland Studios Raytown location.

2nd select your session. (Traditional session $10.00 we select yearbook image, $15.00 you select the yearbook image, Contemporary $25.00 that includes yearbook image and additional personal contemporary images)

3rd select a date in white. (the times in gray are NOT available) Use the arrows on the month to go to another month

4th select a time in white. (the times in gray are NOT available)

5th complete the information.


Remember to arrive dressed how you want to be photographed - this includes hair and makeup.


Payment is due at the time of the session. Cash, check, VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.