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1. Select location2. Select therapist3. Select treatment4. Select Date5. Select Time6. Finalize reservations

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Welcome to make reservations for massage therapy!

Just click any white time field to reserve!


1. Choose location

2. Choose therapist

3. Select treatment lenght

4. Choose date

5. Select preferred starting time indicated by white fields (free slot between 15-16 shows available starting time 15:00 for one hour massage, or available starting times 15:00, 15:15 and 15:30 for half an hour massage.)

Note: If required date shows Full Day, select shorter Treatment time or another date.

If you need to cancel reservation, login with your user ID and password (which you have created when making reservation), scroll down to Existing reservations and click Cancel reservation. If you cancel current day reservation, also confirm your cancellation minimum 2h in advance by sms to masseur.

Unique Touch is a licensed retailer of Tempur products. Free trial of pressure relieving pillows and matresses by request from Mikko Mattila. More information of Tempur products: www.tempur.com