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Oops! This is an old sign-in page. Please update your bookmark to reflect our NEW APPOINTMENT page.



 Please NOTE as of 7/2017 we have a NEW APPOINTMENT page




To utilize the new system, click on the above link and re-register.

"You're busy, but that's when it's most important to schedule time for yourself!"

Please call for Today's Availability! 617-630-8777

* Same day appointments may still be available, however they must be booked directly over the phone.

1) Although a valid credit credit is required to hold your appointment when using this system, you may pay for your treatments with cash, check, credit card or by gift certificate after your session at Wellness Massage & Skincare. PLEASE NOTE "pop-up blockers" must be disabled to enter credit card information.

2) If you attempt to book an appointment and you receive a message that states "Appointment time does not fit within this therapists hours", please try to schedule the appointment 30 minutes earlier (this is due to time required after each appointment for us to clean the treatment room). If you need "back to back" appointments or multiple services, please call us to make the necessary arrangements.

3) Please wait for your confirmation, and should you require assistance, please call us at 617-630-8777 and we will be happy to assist you through the on-line process or make the appointment for you.

"Thanx, and have a stress-free day!"