We Take Pride In Our Service and Work Product. For Fast and Best Service, Please Bring All Paperwork and Stock Spreadsheets Compiled On Your Appointment.

If You Are a Returning Client, Use Your First Name as Login ID and Old Password. Once Signed In, Please Update Your Account Profile to Update Login and Other Pertinent Info. It Helps Us To Contact You or Email You Updates If Your Account Profile Is Current.

Please Do Not Create Multiple Accounts to Create Multiple Appointments. If You Need More Than One Appointment, Please Call us at 510-742-8400 or Login to Request Waiting List Appointment. We Would Try Our Best To Accommodate Your Request. Thank You.

We are professional Tax Preparers and we thrive to provide you with the best product possible within rules. Our fee is not dependent on your refund or reduced tax liability. Our fee is dependent on the forms filed and work complexities. Basic federal and one state tax return up to two w-2s along with e-file is included in mimimum charge. We provide multi-state tax preparation services for additional fees. Forms or schedules prepared to support basic Form 1040 would be at additional charge beyond minimum fee.

Our fee is for the time we devote with you in preparing your taxes. In case for some reason you decide not to avail our services to file your taxes with us, our minimum fee will still be due upon completion of our services. Thank you.

Calendar Year Corporation or LLC Opting as Corporation need to file Taxes on or before March 15th. Minimum California Franchise Tax of $800 is due on or before 15th day of the fourth month beginning of the accounting year. Personal Taxes are Due on April 15th for Taxpayers in USA; if abroad on the filing due date, your taxes will be Due on June 15th. File extension timely.

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