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Location Address 6011 Roosevelt Way N.E.
Seattle,WA 98115

My clinic is located on the west side of the street (next to the side walk) on Roosevelt Way 1/4 of the block just north of of the light at Ravenna and Roosevelt Way N.E. I am on the (WEST) right side of the street on Roosevelt Way. Our building is a "Live/Work Condo situation with many businesses and we are north of and right next door to the dentists office. Across the street from the clinic is Salvatores Restaurant. And Directly across from "FIX SALON" We do not have a parking lot but there is Free on street parking 1hr, 2hr, or 3 hr. in our neighborhood. New Bike path in front of my location which is on the right side of the street. On the corner of Roosevelt Way and Ravenna Blvd. is a Bus stop. About 15 to 25 feet from my clinic.
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