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Welcome to our online reservation system. To get started, please use the drop down menu on the left. If you have any questions, please call 512-441-5728 or email We look forward to training with you!


Class Descriptions:


Adult Krav Maga classes: All Levels, Level 1, Level 1/2. These classes are going to focus on self-defense. After a 10-15 minute warm up, you will focus on 2 or 3 differing combatives, such as punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Essentially the 1st 40 minutes of class is you on offense. For the last 20 minutes of class, you will be learning a self defense technique against random attacks, such as chokes, headlocks, punches, wide outside attacks. These classes also offer a great physical component, as well.
Women-Only Krav Maga: Our ladies only class is held every Wed at 7:45pm. The first Wed of the month is called WONDER WOMEN WEDNESDAY and is free to the community and each other Wed is open to members at no cost and the public for a $15 drop in fee. If you select this as your first trial class, the $15 fee is waived. The fee only applies to reoccuring visits without a membership. 
Youth Krav Maga (Ages 4-6 & 7-11): In Youth Krav Maga, kids learn real-world self-defense skills. They get fit while learning combatives, working on defenses, and playing games that integrate martial skill. 
Teen Krav Maga (Ages 12-17): Teens learn self-defense and anti-bullying skills. They learn combatives and defenses, and they apply those things in drills and games that integrate martial skill. They also develop leadership skills by learning how to work well with others. 
KM Bag Class: Punch and kick combinations with 16 oz gloves to the heavy bags in our 4th training room. There will also be HIIT aspects mixed in, as well as kettle bell, medicine ball, and body weight movements.
KravFit: No striking at all, but a phenomenal workout. We focus on building core strength, speed, conditioning, and flexibility. Experience HIIT style workouts with kettle bells, medicine balls, and body weight movements. Classes are 1 hour, but the workouts are fast paced and generally 25 minutes or less. 
Combatives Conditioning: Who knows what you're gonna get in this class. Constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. Our weapons of choice include punch/kick combinations, knees and elbows, and a variety of body-weight exercises to make you lean and hard,strong and fast. Aerobic training and anaerobic drills to create big gains in endurance and stamina. Fight to be fit! 
Yoga: Our restorative yoga based classes are a great addition for recovery from training. This class is athlete focused and will help with overall aches and pains, and general mobility issues. Become a more efficient and badass human being in this class.