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Welcome to the 786 FSS MPF Appointment Scheduling Program!


To get started, please use the drop down menu on the left to find the agency and service that most appropriately meets your needs. For questions or concerns please contact the respective agencies using the contact information below. 


***For log-in or password issues, questions or concerns please email us at:  ramstein.caa@us.af.mil ***





Customer Support


ID Cards

DSN: 314-480-6599

Commercial: 06371-47-6599

E-mail: 786fss.fspsidcards@us.af.mil


Customer Service

DSN: 314-480-5794

Commercial: 06371-47-5794

E-mail: 786fss.fspscustomerservice@us.af.mil



Please send an e-mail or visit our office if you have any questions

E-mail: 786fss.passports@us.af.mil



Force Management



DSN: 314-480-2354

Commercial: 06371-47-2354

E-mail: 786fss.fspm.classifications@us.af.mil



DSN: 314-480-0182

Commercial: 06371-47-0182

E-mail: 786fss.fspm.evaluations@us.af.mil


Awards and Decorations

DSN: 314-480-9177

Commercial: 06371-47-9177 

E-mail: 786fss.fspm.awardsdecorations@us.af.mil




Career Development


Base Relocations

DSN: 314-480-5898

Commercial: 06371-47-5898

E-mail: 786fss.dpmar@us.af.mil


Base DEROS Managment

DSN: 314-480-5898

Commercial: 06371-47-5898

E-mail: 786fss.fspd.DEROSManagement@us.af.mil


Base Retentions

DSN: 314-480-9898

Commercial: 06371-47-9898

E-mail: 786fss.fspd.Retentions@us.af.mil


Base Retirements & Separations

DSN: 314-480-9898

Commercial: 06371-47-9898

E-mail: 786fss.fspd.Rets-sept@us.af.mil


Base Promotions

DSN: 314-480-0185

Commercial: 06371-47-0185

E-mail: 786fss.dpmpppromotions@us.af.mil