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Welcome to our new online reservation system for appointments. To get started, please select the dropdown menu on the left. Select the option that best fits your needs. The dropdown box will provide total access to our services and the full calendar. Services are available Sunday through Friday. We accomodate early mornings after office-hours options six days a week.

Mini Strategy Session

This is where we get started! There will be dozens of questions along the way. Strategy is essential throughout the process. You can schedule a Mini Strategy Session at any time. Always keep the momentum going!

Interview Preparation

If you can land a Member interview, you are already 99.99% ahead of the entire applicant pool. The Chief has vetted everyone else, You are near the finish. Interview preparation is key for success. A video practice interview (see option below) is also very helpful.

Custom Cover Letter

A custom cover letter is incredibly powerful in your job search. Sometimes you need both a press and policy draft for each position. The secret to success is your ability to stick to the facts and deliver concise value while keeping the focus on the office. 

New Congressional Résumé

The résumé is 100% mission critical. If you are not landing interviews, we need to look at your résumé. Let's tinker and polish this file to perfection. You need something that staffers are eager to circulate among their colleagues. 

Video Practice Interview

If you are getting interviews but no offers we need to take a hard look at your interview strategy. This exercise is always conducted at our main offices. You will complete two interviews and after playback, you can start to see your strenghts and make adjustments. This is a major confidence boost. 

Strategy Breakfast

Let's get together and talk about your goals and a strategy over breakfast. Perfect for a busy candidate on the go. We sit down and talk about immediate plans and long term career management. We talk about immediate action items that can tacked right away. 

Strategy Lunch

Same concept as our strategy breakfast. We will conduct an informal status update and move forward quickly. The lunch hour is a great window for a busy professional. We will work hard and get you back to the office quickly.

LinkedIn Profile

If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, we are working behind the curve. However, we can bring you up to speech quickly. The profile needs to look fantastic. Recruiters, Chiefs of Staff, and Members  of Congress are looking at your profile. Everything needs to be tight in order to land more interviews and more attention.

LinkedIn Photograph

Let's go together to take a brand new photograph for your LinkedIn account. This is not Tinder or Facebook. This is a professional platform that has major implications and advantages for your career. When you look your best you feel fantastic. Our goal is a professional, congressional, dapper, and friendly photo. Don't forget to upload this new professional image in Gmail. 

Sunday 1-Hour Strategy Session

It's time to plan for the week ahead. We can strategize on networking, written materials, and outreach efforts. When the week hits, you are off and running. We can decide which targets are urgent and which options make sense. We can discuss the most effective path forward and the best way to communicate with any written deliverables necessary.

Writing Sample A

The ability to write is a powerful skill in Congress. This is especially true if you are interested in communications and media positions. You will want a one-page writing sample on a topical matter. Select something in an area you care about. Pick immigration, foreign affairs, healthcare, tax policy, defense, or anything else where you already have a strong handle on the issue. We will create something that is PDF ready at all times.  

Writing Sample B

The second writing sample should be a major issue in the popular debate. Immigration policy, gun control, education reform, the national debt are all examples of items that serve as hot topics at the federal level. Your goal is to build a writing sample with evidence-based data in a manner that shines a light on the debate while illustrating your ability to present a balanced argument.  

Press Release Sample

If you are ready for a communications position, a press release sample is critical within your portfolio. Your goal is to deliver the voice of the Member in as many media outlets and digital platforms as possible. A press release sample is simply one more opportunity to showcase your written skill.