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Welcome to our online reservation system. To get started, select the dropdown menu on the left and then select the option that best fits your needs. The dropdown box will provide access to all of our services. These services accomodate early mornings all the way until late in the evening. We can easily work on your search after work.

Mini Strategy Session

Mini Strategy Session are perfect to launch a search or to address concerns or questions throughout the campaign. Planning and strategy sessions are essential throughout the process. You can schedule a Mini Strategy Session at any time. We can always keep the momentum going!

Interview Preparation

If you land a Member interview, you are already 99% ahead of the entire applicant pool. The Chief of Staff has already vetted the candidates and you can see the finish. Interview preparation is key for success. A video practice interview is also very helpful (see below).

1-Hour Strategy Session

A 1-Hour Strategy Session is the perfect way to cover a ton of ground on dozens of issues. We have the flexability to aggressively advance the search. If you need a utilitarian solution, the 1-Hour Strategy Session covers it all. 

Custom Cover Letter

A custom cover letter is incredibly powerful when you are reaching out to an office. Whether you are targeting a policy or press position, we want to discuss value and and stick to the facts to deliver a concise message that keeps the focus on the office. 

New Congressional Résumé

The résumé is 100% mission critical. If you are not landing interviews, we need to work on the résumé. Let's tinker and polish this key ingredient to perfection. You must have something that staffers are eager to circulate to their colleagues. 

Video Practice Interview

If you are getting interviews but no offers, we need to tape your interview. This exercise is always conducted at our main office. You will complete two interviews and after playback, you shall start to see your strenghts as well as your opportunities for growth. This is a major confidence boost for the real interview. 

LinkedIn Profile

We utilize the LinkedIn profile of a candidate in every way possible to garner maximum exposure. The profile needs to look fantastic. Recruiters, Chiefs of Staff, and Members  of Congress are looking at the profile and everything must be as tight as possible.

LinkedIn Photograph

Let's take a brand new photograph for your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a professional platform that has major implications and advantages for your career. When you look your best, you feel fantastic. Our goal is a professional, congressional, dapper, and friendly photo. You can also use this image for your email and social media accounts.

Writing Sample A

The ability to write is powerful in Congress. If you are interested in communications and media positions this is especially true. You will want a one-page writing sample on a matter in which your have a great deal of expertise. Choose something that falls within an area that you care about. We will polish a sample is save and ready to go in a PDF file at all times.  

Writing Sample B

The second writing sample should be an issue that is popular in the national debate. Immigration policy, gun control, education reform, the national debt, are all individual expamples of hot national topics. Your goal is to build a writing sample with evidence-based data in a manner that shines a light on the debate.

Press Release Sample

If you are ready for a communications and press position, a press release sample is critical in your application. When on the job, your goal is to deliver the voice of the Member. A press release sample is simple way to showcase your skills.

Complete Candidate Power Bundle

This is the one-stop shop bundle for the serious candiate. In one session, we take care of your LinkedIn photograph, LinkedIn profile, voicemail recording, email signature, new congressional resume file, and email outreach script. We will discuss party selection, member selection, geographic ties, policy issues, House vs. Senate changes, social media scrub, congressional references, college & university alumni outreach, and interview tips.