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Our Virtual Agents can assist with:
1. Opening additional timeslots
2. Changing Appointment times 
3. Cancelling sameday appointments

Please visit http://www.fourseasonsft.com/appointments
Click on the chat window in the lower right hand corner.

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For Appointment Support Please Call 619-477-4010 Option 1

Effective 04/01/2020 it will be mandatory for drivers arriving at our facility to:


The service is currently active. Please have your drivers download install the app for android or IOS. Drivers must be within 1000 meters of our facility to check in and must remain within 150 meters of our facility until checked out. App links below.





Terms & Condidtions

COVID-19 Prevention Measures

All carriers entering the inside of our facility, must wash their hands at the handwashing stations, wear a mask that covers the mouth, nose and sustains itself in place on the face, undergo a contactless temperature check. We encourage carriers to utlitize the mobile app to check in and out. If that is not possible we have an outdoor open air kiosk. Anyone at our facility, whether indoor our outdoor, must maintain a distance of 6 feet from anyone else at all times. 


Cancellation Policy

Please use the link in the appointment confimation email to cancel an appointment. For same day cancellations please call 619-477-4010 Option 1. Please let us know of a cancellation immediately. We cannot guarantee that your order will be cancelled prior to being pulled from the port. If your order has already been pulled you will be charged a storage fee of $75.00 / day for refrigerated and dry cargo and $100.00 / day for frozen cargo. Storage charges are not invoiced and must be paid prior to being loaded.

No Show

If you are a “No Show”, you will be charged a storage fee of $75.00 / day for refrigerated and dry cargo and $100.00 / day for frozen cargo. Storage charges are not invoiced and must be paid prior to being loaded.

Late Arrivals

We allow a 30 minute grace period after the appointment time for your driver to arrive. In the event your driver arrives after the 30 min grace period your appointment will be forfeited. Upon arrival your driver will be considered a work-in.

Check In Process

Drivers are required to checkin via the Sine Pro mobile app, which allows them to checkin from their phone within 1000 meters of our facility. Drivers that do not have the app may physically check in at the kiosk located outside our facility. Drivers should park at the allowed parking located onsite and physically check-in. Phone check in times will not be considered when determining on-time status.

Expected Loading Times

Our goal is to have your driver loaded within a reasonable time period of the scheduled appointment time. You can check loading status at www.fourseasonsft.com/go

After Hours Loading

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM through 6:00 PM. If a carrier is late and requires us to stay open after 6:00 PM we charge $350.00 for the first hour and $100.00 every hour thereafter. If you require after hours loading please contact sdtransfer@fourseasonsft.com and call 619-477-4010 Option 1

Code of Conduct

1. Close toe shoes must be worn at all times in our facility. 

2. No bathing in the restroom 

3. No loud, aggressive, abusive or disruptive behavior

4. Follow the instructions of warehouse staff 

5. Follow the instructions of Facilities Security

6. Park only where allowed

7. Check in properly

8. Adhere to all COVID-19 Prevention Measures