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WELCOME to my online Tax Preparation & Tax Resolution Scheduling System.


1)To get started, please select your Appointment TYPE of Service... on the left.


2) After doing so, a Calendar of Available Appointment Dates will Appear, in light BLUE. Dates marked in GRAY, are when we are currently closed.

PLEASE Read the Following NEXT three(3) STEPS BEFORE You CLICK. Thank you.

3) Choose the Date that bests suits your schedule. (Considering the nature of Tax Services, the Earlier the Better.)  Now CLICK on THAT Date.


4) Next, a List of Appointment Times is available.

Choose a time that is best for you. After deciding, CLICK "Book It".


5) Next, is Our CLIENT Information page. (You will need a Cell phone to make an appointment)

FILL OUT All the fields. Then CLICK "Finalize Appointment."


You're DONE!

Thank You!.... for choosing Wasserott Tax Services
You will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL.


IF, you found it IMPOSSIBLE to find a Date, or Time, you can make, PLEASE send me an email at Info@WasserottTaxServices.com. IF, the situation is Really Urgent, please call or TEXT me at 570-430-3766 and leave me a DETAILED message. Always include your OWN Cell phone #. Thanks!


** If you need to cancel or reschedule, please LOG in FIRST in the upper right corner of this page, then follow the prompts to cancel or Reschedule.